Taking The Internet By Storm – The Rise Of Hitta Castro

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Hitta castro has been showing his diversity in his talent between his music and acting career, releasing music back to back and doing very good on streams and in his movies. Hitta Castro was born in Lynn, but raised in San Diego California. He started music in his early 20’s and moved to Orlando making sure to connect with relevant people in his choice of career.

Hitta Castro has a team with which he has been hosting alot of shows and doing videos with.

The celebrity Hitta Castro who is storming the internet has a very attracting instagram page that has been a major source of tracking the growth of his music videos and also helps to motivate people into taking steps in achieveing their dreams.

This year 2019 Hitta Castro  released a major hit song “Dont Worry”  ft Dynasty the king, with his most current song “Gun on me”.  Hitta Castro has series of hit songs like “Body”, “Lady boss”“Do it” 

His most current song “Gun on me” which was produced by 3Foldtino is storming the net and the remix would be done in two versions. The first one to be done in spanish will be featuring Santana xx and Luiso El Diamante,

while the other one would be done as a female version featuring  Andrezia, Bankroll, Barbie and Young gattas

Hitta has made a huge splash on the underground hip hop scene with appearances on various mix tapes and ground rumbling performances. His mix tape “Beast on the Beats” was released in late 2011, as well as his LP. Hitta released his first album titled “I am S.A.M” in 2013.


His songs are available on ITunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and Xbox. And he has been featured on many websites and magazines. like the “Raising Star Magazine”. Hitta Castro has been a major storm on the web with his songs and movies.



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