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Welcome once again to Success Tuesday as we continue our journey on the Pathways to Success Motivations series. Today’s article is live at so you can follow up there as well.

Thanks for the feedbacks we keep receiving, thanks also to those who reached me asking why I’ve not written for past three weeks now. Sincerely I am so sorry for not meeting up to drop articles within this period due to some engagement travellings I embarked, and also for the birth of our son, Bro Derrick, who has also added more synergy to our success as a family.

Now, we are back to wheels, let’s sail on.

Inasmuch as we preach that the journey of success is a personal race, however, we can’t debunk the fact that no one ever achieves success alone without the help of others. No one is an island; meaning no one is ever sufficient for himself, we all need others to survive as well as to succeed. So for success to be fast and efficient, team work can not be overemphasise.

I have seen many people doing things all by themselves, it’s good, but they tends to use more time or years than would have been utilized if efforts were combined.

Now let’s digress to get more understanding on the concept, for you to be successful in owing a car and maintain driving a car, you will have to firstly buy a car, then employ the services of a mechanic, an automobile electrician, a panel beater, even, if possible, a painter just to maintain driving the car. Reason is only you cannot service the car by yourself even if you have the tick -tack/technical know how, you should and must hire a specialist.

Maybe you must have heard about the word “team” which may mean a unit, body or others depending on the context used, this word is could also be an acronym to mean

So to say that to achieve more success SYNERGY is needed, you must work as a team, you must combine efforts, you must combine funds, you must combine intellects and all that would be needful in achieving greater success.

No one footballer can play on the pitch and archives victory without the combined efforts of other members of the team including medical and technical.

No one school owner can be successful as a proprietor without the combined efforts of the teaching and non teaching staffs.
Also no one pastor can ever succeed in the ministry without the combined efforts of the ministerial and pastoral team: you cannot say you don’t need the ushers, or the choristers, the pastor cannot sing, preach, usher and do other activities in the church simultaneously.

The eyes cannot say, it does not need the mouth, and the mouth cannot say it does not need the leg, neither would the hands say it does not need the head… For this is Biblical and practical to our living and succeeding in life.

According to the Cambridge Advanced Learners’ English Dictionary:
SYNERGY simply means the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately:

🔊 Team work at its best results in a synergy that can be very productive.

So let me sound it well to you, if you really wants to succeed in life, or you wants to gets things done and fast with minimal efforts, then you must not be “Jack of All trade” Don’t try or attempt to do everything by yourself. Give room for teamwork, synergies with other members of a team.

With this, I would simply postulate that SYNERGY means achieving more with less efforts”

I’ve seen practically during events, that the host is busy arranging seats, attending to guests, serving the guests, just working and getting too busy. To me this is unethical where he could have others help him to serve, others help him to welcome guest, others helping to arrange the halls to see everything works well simultaneously.

SYNERGY is reason you see people constituting committee of friends during events just to see that the aim of the event is achieved with less efforts.

When I was preparing for my book launch last year, after writing the books, I had to employed a dear friend Mr Wilfred Dennis Akpan to help me edit and cross check the wordings and letters, afterwards, we sent the book to Elder Philip Ahaiwe .C.U for read-proofing and foreword, there was a book launch committee chaired by Mr Etop Etuk, preparing the guest list for the launching, and also checking through for the paper designs as well as the invitation cards. There was also the feedback committee, headed by Chituru Chukwuebuka, getting feedback from friends and readers who have seen and read the book just to get their views on the context of the literature, finally was the marketing team, thinking and employing various means possible marketing to hit the targeted audience. Amongst all these, I didn’t mention the publishing committee following up on the publishing house just to see that the book is ready on time without much print errors or mistakes.
And thankfully, the book was ready three months ahead of launching.

So you see, almost all that are close to me was busy doing one thing or another for just a book launch, all were combining efforts and trust me success was achieved with less work and I, the writer of the book was moving at ease without much burden and worry.

Many things I could share with you of my successes of what synergy and teamwork had helped me to achieve thus far without people seeing me running helter scatter!

Sometimes what the team need is be given a responsibility and many would deliver.

So if you really wants to succeed in life, you must learn to synergies with other people in the field, don’t try to do all by yourself. You are bound to succeed working all by yourself but your success would be slow.

Except where there is none to thrust responsibilities upon, but where there is, subordinate activities to others so you don’t drain yourself working so hard to succeed.

Even Almighty God during creation had to consult the Trinity to make man, so team work helps alot in achieving success.

So stop over working yourself, don’t do all by yourself, learn to delegate responsibility and see how fast your success could be achieved.

See you at the top
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