The Rise Of Skaterrboyy20

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Instagram media influencer known as skaterrboyy20Β  is now at the rise because of his kind of creativity in what he does. He’s a brand ambassador,Β  a motivational speaker his into modelling and he has so many potential, he believes there is nothing he can not do. He has been featured on different platforms even by Worldstar, and on different comedy skits, reaction videos and business advertisements.

skaterrboyy20 has over 200,000 followers on his instagram page where he shares his videos including his skating videos because he loves skating.

He was born Β 17,Β 1995 in Chicago, IL . He was a skateboarder in Orlando, Florida who moved out to Los Angeles, California because of his passion.


Watch some of his videos:

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Watch him skating;

Comedy skits;


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